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(912) 964-7684 100 Eddie Jungemann Dr. Suite B. Savannah, GA. 31408
Richard S. Roth, MD - Roth Aviation Medical Services - Savannah, Ga.

Dr. Richard Roth Awarded with the 2021 Audi and Bernice Davis Award

Established by Harvey Watt & Company to recognize an outstanding Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) each year. The 2021 recipient for 2021 is Richard Roth, MD.

Dr. Roth excelled at meeting all of the recipient criteria, which included:
• Provides exceptional service to his/her airmen to assure longevity and safety in aviation

• Provides counseling and guidance for health. maintenance going beyond the routine    FAA physical examination, recommending and educating the airman in his/her responsibility for health maintenance.

• Works closely with the airman to assure the correct diagnosis is made, remaining alert and vigilant for conditions that might affect the health of aviators and providing guidance for early intervention.

• Demonstrates his/her commitment to the health maintenance of those who fly and the safety of flight

• Gives time willingly and unselfishly to educate airmen, families, and the public in aviation medical matters; Provides an exceptional service to airmen, the aviation industry, and the FAA

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