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Frequently Asked Questions

Please bring in your treating physician records and device compliance report along with your most recent sleep study.

Please collect for review any arrest records and all court documents to assist with determining eligibility. Dr. Roth can act as your HIMS AME if needed.

Bring in all treatment records from your primary care physician or mental health professional. ADHD requires a formal consultation scheduled with our office before medical eligibility.

Obtain all recent lab reports and recent treating physician records.

Please refer to THIS LINK for a list of all “No Fly Medications”. Report all medications in block 17a, on your application.

These conditions will require an FAA Special Issuance. Additional scheduled time will be needed with Dr. Roth acting as your HIMS AME to consult with the airman regarding navigating the FAA application process.

Print out, if possible, your VA disability claim benefits form, and understand that the FAA will review this at Oklahoma City. Dr. Roth will go over these with you in detail.

This diagnosis usually ends up as ineligible to meet FAA standards in all classes.

Dr. Roth will schedule consultation time separately for these conditions which will require an FAA Special Issuance. Please attempt to collect all hospital and office records regarding these diagnoses. All CD discs of cardiac caths need to be in DICOM format per the FAA.

Bring any ER notes, imaging studies and Neurology notes available to assist in determining eligibility.

Coronary Heart Disease
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
FAA Lost Medical
FAA Diabetes or Hypergycemia on Oral Medications status Report
Vaccine Post Dose Wait Times
FAA DUI Reporting Guidelines
BasicMed Applicants
OTC Medications
Color Vision Testing Flow Chart

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office during business hours and we would be happy to answer any questions.

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